Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our clients...

One or our good clients recently asked, "Who are your best clients?"

"That is easy and simple to answer."

"Really?" She said.

"Yes, look at who we associate with - it's you!"

Smiling she asked, "No, really, who do you like to work with?"

"Now that, my dear, is a different question entirely."

We like to work with small towns they are good clients. We enjoy working with Trusts and Not-For-Profits - they are good clients too. Developers with a sense of community pride fall into the "good client" category.

At the top of the list are life-long agriculturalists, they are generally the best clients that have a strong sense of the natural world, understand the ups and downs of business and consider trust and relationship a high priority. Our clients that farm or come from a farming background challenge us to become better every day. We like that.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moving forward...

with renewed energy, purpose and economic benifit...
A good friend and client once told us that developers and builders are like "a school of fish".

If you carefully observe a school of fish they travel together in search of food, following a leader from place to place for their next meal. If you are the first to select an particular interstate intersection location or a dynamic community others will follow. He told us he liked the competition and always wanted to lead the way - not follow.

This image reminds us of our good friend and client who always seems to be near the front of the pack moving forward with purpose, leading the way for others to benefit.

Advance Planning Associates, LC
"Let us be your partner of choice"

Site Selection - Business Geography
Planning - Community Development

Friday, February 6, 2009

I-81 Experts

The I-81 Corridor Distribution Experts
Mid-Atlantic Region, USA

We are experts on the I-81 Transportation and Distribution Corridor that serves the eastern seaboard area.

We live and work along the I-81 corridor and have been here since its initial construction. Our knowledge of the I-81 goes beyond in-depth knowledge of sites and industrial parks – we know how business operates regionally. We have to work in primarily four states along the corridor – Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. We have had projects in each state and understand the regional and local transportation, utility, and land use issues.

Some of our current projects include:

  • Evaluation of warehouse location and lease cost per square foot.

  • Location analysis for a potential Travel Center

  • Assistance with due diligence for an I-81 property consisting of 90+ acres

  • Site selection criteria identification for gas station and c-store sites

  • Assisting a non-profit foundation select sites suitable for educational client
Living and working here in the Quad-State region of the I-81 Corridor has allowed us to become "experts-in-residence" along the most important Mid-Atlantic transportation corridor in the USA. We understand the dynamics of the I-81 Corridor.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wanted Book Reviewers....

News from the Winchester Book Gallery

-Calling All Booklovers-

We were saddened to hear that the Washington Post is pulling its Book World section. We've often discussed creating a book review newsletter and this is the unfortunate push we've needed. If you have an interest in reviewing books, both new and current, and have a speciality in a particular area, please contact us. We'll gladly offer book discounts and other incentives for your help in reviewing items for six yearly newsletters. We'd like to get the first edition out in late March or early April, so please contact us soon via email.

We hope you stay warm and cozy over the next few weeks!

Jen & Andy

The Winchester Book Gallery
185 N. Loudoun Street
Winchester, VA 22601
Telephone: 540-667-3444

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Answer the questions before they are asked...

Reverse Due Diligence

Reverse due diligence identifies key site features and facts typically associated with a due diligence study. Turning techniques associated with acquisition into facts to assist with the disposition of your site is what we like to call "reverse due diligence". By reversing the process, facts support market efforts. This is particularly helpful for Authorities pursuing industrial clients or Trusts and Foundations disposing of land assets not needed for near-term goals or missions.
In a down market buyers are limited and resources are low. Buyers want answers not more questions. Our reverse due diligence process identifies key areas of study helping buyers and their banks understand your property and it's potential or it's limitations.

Reverse Due Diligence answers questions before the questions are asked.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We started in the Community Development sector...

Planning & Community Development
We understand the planning and development business.

We excel in development strategies that are designed to implement business and community goals. Grant and loan applications, comprehensive planning, master planning, conceptual planning, site planning, zoning, subdivision, site development, pre-development, and post-development site construction are all part of our area of experience.

Many times we have had to help our clients find the money through grants and loan programs to start the planning and development process.

We started in the planning and community development business and have maintained these services since they are such an important part of today’s development environment. We have matured and expanded to encompass economic development areas as our economy expanded.

Now, more than ever, as we feel the impact of business retrenchment, our community development background embraces the local importance of business and communities working together.

Because of our clear understanding of the public planning and development process, we can accurately calculate critical path elements and predict project time frames with a level of confidence to meet any funding and construction schedule or public process.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Since 1981

How we started...

The Limited Liability Corporation of Advance Planning Associates, LC was formed in Winchester, Virginia in 1998. Prior to operating as a LLC, we operated as a sole proprietorship entity doing business as “Plans and Projects” which began operations in Winchester, Virginia in 1981 as a Community Development Firm. Later in 1986 Pentathlon Corporation, Inc. and Pentathlon Land Trust formed in Stephens City, Virginia as a planning and development firm. Advance Planning Associates, LC is the direct result of the combination of the two organizations: Plans & Projects and Pentathlon Corporation, Inc.

Our focus has always been on smaller communities helping with community development related projects and programs. We continue to help business and industry understand their important role in our communities as we focus on customized site selection to help our private sector clients to use objective criteria instead of the standard market hype.

Since 1981 we have envisioned and nurtured the partnership of business and community.