Friday, February 6, 2009

I-81 Experts

The I-81 Corridor Distribution Experts
Mid-Atlantic Region, USA

We are experts on the I-81 Transportation and Distribution Corridor that serves the eastern seaboard area.

We live and work along the I-81 corridor and have been here since its initial construction. Our knowledge of the I-81 goes beyond in-depth knowledge of sites and industrial parks – we know how business operates regionally. We have to work in primarily four states along the corridor – Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. We have had projects in each state and understand the regional and local transportation, utility, and land use issues.

Some of our current projects include:

  • Evaluation of warehouse location and lease cost per square foot.

  • Location analysis for a potential Travel Center

  • Assistance with due diligence for an I-81 property consisting of 90+ acres

  • Site selection criteria identification for gas station and c-store sites

  • Assisting a non-profit foundation select sites suitable for educational client
Living and working here in the Quad-State region of the I-81 Corridor has allowed us to become "experts-in-residence" along the most important Mid-Atlantic transportation corridor in the USA. We understand the dynamics of the I-81 Corridor.

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