Monday, February 2, 2009

Since 1981

How we started...

The Limited Liability Corporation of Advance Planning Associates, LC was formed in Winchester, Virginia in 1998. Prior to operating as a LLC, we operated as a sole proprietorship entity doing business as “Plans and Projects” which began operations in Winchester, Virginia in 1981 as a Community Development Firm. Later in 1986 Pentathlon Corporation, Inc. and Pentathlon Land Trust formed in Stephens City, Virginia as a planning and development firm. Advance Planning Associates, LC is the direct result of the combination of the two organizations: Plans & Projects and Pentathlon Corporation, Inc.

Our focus has always been on smaller communities helping with community development related projects and programs. We continue to help business and industry understand their important role in our communities as we focus on customized site selection to help our private sector clients to use objective criteria instead of the standard market hype.

Since 1981 we have envisioned and nurtured the partnership of business and community.

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