Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Advance Planning Associates, LC does...

Advance Planning Associates, LC has expertise that encompasses the design and creation of location strategies for business; industry, government and the growing segment of not-for-profits in the global market and economy of today. Our core area services include:

Site Selection
Business Geography
Community Development

Site Selection is a designed process that results in the site choice best suited to the environment of the business or industry and that leads to the successful perpetuation of qualities to that particular organization. Site selection is the spatial location of an actual or planned structure or set of structures using criteria defined by the client coupled with carefully measured due diligence.

Business Geography synthesizes analysis, technology and practical experience to improve real estate development and investment activities. Business Geography utilizes the power of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technologies, analysis, and data. Region, movement, human-environmental interactions, place and location are the geographic themes considered essential to the well being of an organizations future.

Planning is an analytical process that considers the physical, social and economic aspects of communities while examining the connections between them. The planning process includes the consideration of existing conditions and the future trends of an area or region. The planning process includes detailed analysis and strategic alternatives for solving problems in a coordinated and comprehensive manner. The tools of planning implementation include such things as land use controls and economic develop strategies. Planning is the application of foresight to action.

Community Development is the process of helping a community and region strengthen itself and develop towards its full potential. We work in partnership with local people and organizations to meet identified needs. We help find funds with grant and loan applications, self-help and long term commitment to sustaining business support. We believe that self-activation, leadership, education and sustainable community and economic goals are key components of sustainable development.

Advance Planning Associates, LC applies years of experience with the defined process of our core services to provide you with choices that perpetuate your business goals. Our InSite Selection System, which can be applied to each core area, helps provide the foresight you need to bring plans into action

Our Services
Custom Site Selection - Site Selection Analysis - Site Selection Scoping - Due Diligence -Project Management Services - Business Geography - Geographic Information Systems - Business Location Analysis - Business Location Assistance - Planning & Community Development - Comprehensive Planning - Strategic Planning· Land Use Concerns - Conceptual Planning - Zoning Matters - Subdivision - Project Planning - Town Planning - Downtown Planning - Entitlements - Grant Applications - Community Sessions - Community Strategies - Presentations - Workshops - Public Presentation Strategies - Workshops and Retreats - EDA & EDC Evaluations - Marketing Assistance - Real Estate Development - Adaptive Re-use Strategies - Adaptive Design Programming - Retrenchment Approaches - Downtown Development - Land Asset Management

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