Friday, March 6, 2009

Self-reliance, community development, economic gardening...

We understand the need to grow local business. It is what towns are all about.

We excel in development strategies that are designed to implement business and community goals. Grant and loan applications have always been part of our business. Many times we have had to help our clients find the money through grants and loan programs to start the planning and development process. On the private side we have applied that same knowledge to find funds and grow local business. It's all about knowing how to get started - the most difficult part of any journey.

We started in the planning and community development business and have maintained these services since they are such an important part of today’s development environment. We have matured and expanded to encompass site selection and economic development areas as our economy expanded. Now, more than ever, as we feel the impact of business retrenchment, our community development background embraces the local importance of business and communities working together.
Some call it "economic gardening" while others call it community development - we like to think of it as self-reliance

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