Sunday, March 1, 2009

Old School...

Our old friend and long-time client, Duane, called the other day from his office in Maryland. Duane asked if we could help him locate sites for his gas and convenience store client. He explained his client needed sites in Virginia along the major transportation corridors and at "key" intersections in important cities and towns. He asked if we could help. Of course, we responded, "Yes!" In an economy like this we were happy to get the opportunity.

Duane said, "When can we start traveling down the road to look at the sites you know?"

"Duane, you are old school." I laughed. "Before we get started we've got to talk so we can scope your client's site criteria, then we will provide you a map of the sites that meet the criteria."

If you are looking for multiple sites or just one, this same process holds true. Knowing what you need then carefully defining what you want will save time and money.

We'll provide maps, aerial images, ownership and critical property information to guide your decision-making. Then after the sites are narrowed down to the top few well start the due diligence.

"Instead of a road trip.” Duane said, “We hit the links?”

“Duane, you may be old school but you learn fast.”

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